Should You Become A Tuning Fork Therapist?

You're a piano tuner looking for an alternative use for your tuning forks and you've heard a lot about the ways people are using tuning forks as an alternative healing method. The idea of a side job as a healer intrigues you, but should you pursue this option?

What Is Tuning Fork Therapy?

As you know, tuning forks vibrate at a very specific frequency when struck, which makes them one of the most accurate ways to find a tone. The excellent design of tuning forks makes them effective for lengthy periods of time, with one source stating that 300-year-old tuning forks still possess the same tone they did on the day they were designed.

Tuning fork therapy uses the accuracy of their vibration to focus a specific frequency on the skin. Basically, you strike the tuning fork, press the handle on the area that needs healing, and let the vibrations spread through the body. Since you already possess a variety of tuning forks, it wouldn't be hard for you to jump right in and get started. But how does this process allegedly work?

What Are The Healing Claims?

Proponents of these healing method claim that the atoms of our body are constantly in vibration and creating unique pulses. They believe that by creating the proper frequency with tuning forks, you are promoting a natural healing process. Tuning forks are especially prominent in this treatment because they create such a pure tone and are relatively inexpensive.

So basically, if you wanted to start your own tuning fork healing side business, all you'd need to do was take out your trusty piano tuners and get started. This can help expand your business past simple piano tuning and help bring in a little more cash. Does this sound too good to be true? Unfortunately, it probably is.

Does It Work?

Most of the positive claims regarding tuning fork therapy are testimonial, rather than scientific. This gets rather strange sometimes, as when a Daily Mail reporter wrote an article about the effectiveness of tuning fork facial treatments. The large volume of positive statements and websites offering these treatments may inspire you to break out those tuning forks and give healing a try.

However, it is worth remembering that science has yet to study the effects of tuning forks on health. The Skeptic's Dictionary makes a good point on the subject by stating that "The compelling scientific evidence shows that what is often attributed to subtle energy is due to the placebo effect..." That is to say, that people will often feel better after a treatment simply because they want it to be effective.

While there is a possibility that tuning fork therapy might work, the lack of scientific evidence is problematic. It's perhaps best to use your tuning forks in the way they were originally designed, as you don't want to offer people false hope. Contact a company like Las Vegas Pianos for more info about piano tuning.

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