Meaningful Gifts For A New Baby

If a friend or family member has recently given birth to a new baby, you can show your love and support with a thoughtful gift. Even though every new parent needs accessories like clothing and diapers, sometimes you want to give a gift that has deeper meaning and lasting significance. Here are some gift ideas you can consider for the new baby in your life.

1. A Music Box

Choose a song that means something special to you. It might be a religious song like "Amazing Grace" or a more secular song like "The Wind Beneath My Wings." Many music box retailers will offer customized boxes with a variety of tunes to choose from. Babies love music, and children will not outgrow this gift. They can use the music box throughout childhood, especially if it doubles as a jewelry box or a spot for change. Check out companies like The Music House to learn more about the available options.

2. An investment.

Making an investment in the name of the new baby could have plenty of meaning several years down the road. Make the investment into a fund or company that supports a good cause so the parents can feel proud of the investment. Give the parents access to the investment, but make it clear in the terms that the money is to be used for the baby's future, like for college or for travel. 

3. A special blanket.

Many new parents get plenty of blankets for baby, but you can increase the meaning by tailoring the blanket to have greater significance. For example, you might make a quilt from the clothing of the baby's parents or use printed photographs of the extended family to make the blanket unique. You could personalize the blanket with embroidered names or initials, and choose the colors to reflect the baby's unique personality.

4. A membership for activities.

For new families, time together can be a challenge. You can encourage the new family to bond by providing a membership to the zoo, aquarium, local family fitness center, or play park. You might even sign mommy and baby up for baby yoga classes or "mommy and me" swimming lessons. These provide baby with meaningful bonding time, and it's also a gift for the parents as they adjust to a new lifestyle. 

You can provide meaningful gifts for baby by thinking a little bit outside the box. You can buy personalized music boxes, make a blanket, provide a memory, or make an investment. No matter what you choose, the gift will keep on giving for years to come. 

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