Skip The DJ: Three Types Of Wedding Bands To Consider

If you have an upcoming wedding to plan for, then you're probably overwhelmed with all of the planning that you have to do. The guest lists, the caterers, the event space, and tons of other things. And among the most important things to decide on is what type of music. If you have already decided that you don't want to go the route of a DJ or other recorded music, and would prefer a live band, then you're already narrowed down your decision a bit. But you still have to figure out just what sort of band you want. Here's a few choices to consider.

Classical Music Band

If you like the idea of a classical waltz, and slow, beautiful music, then you might like a classical musical ensemble. Something along the lines of a small quartet would be perfect for an intimate wedding. You could have them play a list of your favorite pieces. These sorts of bands are great for more reserved, romantic style weddings. Remember, you're not going to have lyrics and really pumped up dance numbers, so if you are looking for a "fun" wedding, as opposed to a romantic reception, you might want a different type of band. But, if you've always dreamed of slow dancing to the sounds of cellos and violins, then this is perfect.

Latin Band

If you or your fiancee are fans of Latin music, and you really want to have a fun wedding where everyone can get up and dance, then a Latin band is perfect. The band can play slow music for the couples first dance, but they can also rev up the tempo for later in the night when people can get up and dance backchat and salsa. And with a Latin band you can also get a singer. So, you don't have to worry about not having songs with lyrics if you do want that at your wedding. There are plenty of romantic ballads from Mexico, Spain, and other Latin music countries that you could have sung during the wedding, as well as a ton of contemporary hits.

Pop Music Wedding Band

If you like pop music, but don't like the idea of a DJ, then you can just get a pop music wedding band. They can do live covers of all your favorite hits. Once you get a sense of their style by listening to a demo of their work, you can supply them with a playlist that you want covered at the wedding. This solves the problem of wanting to play popular music at your wedding, but actually wanting a live aspect to the sound.

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