Avoid These Mistakes When Practicing Guitar

Finding the right guitar teacher for guitar lessons for kids or for yourself can help you grow from being a complete novice to someone who is confident to play in front of crowds. To experience this growth in your playing, you'll need to not only take lots of lessons, but also spend countless hours practicing at home. Given that you'll be practicing on your own, it may occasionally be tempting to fall into some bad habits. You may be able to get away with these habits for a short time, but they'll end up negatively affecting your playing in the long run. Here are some habits that you should avoid making.

Using Incorrect Fingerings

When your guitar teacher shows you how to play chords, he or she will demonstrate the specific placement of each of your fingers. For some chords, you may be tempted to play the chord with a different placement of your fingers — perhaps the shortcut is easier to execute or it gives you a fuller tone. This is a bad habit to fall into, however. When you don't use the correct fingerings, you may cause fatigue in your hands, which will prematurely stop your practice session and limit your ability to grow as a player. Additionally, incorrect fingerings may make it more difficult to quickly switch between chords.

Failing To Use Your Pinky

While some chords require the use of your pinky, this figure really shines when you're playing scales and riffs. For beginners, though, it can be tempting to use the ring finger instead of the pinky. The pinky might seem difficult to control with precision or press onto the strings, or the tip might quickly get sore. Failing to use the pinky finger will dramatically limit your ability to play quickly; any fast player knows that the use of the pinky is integral.

Upstroking Too Much

Some beginners find it tempting to upstroke the strings — that is, pick them with an upward motion. Doing so can seem easier as you may feel that you have more control. However, upstroking is generally a slower form of picking than downstroking or alternating between the two, and this bad habit can limit your ability to play at the appropriate rhythm. While there's certainly a place for upstroking in your playing, you should be wary of relying upon it too much. If you notice any of the above habits creeping into your playing, make sure to bring them up during your next lesson.

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