Four Benefits Of Purchasing A Custom Marching Band Arrangement

As a marching band director, you have three options for getting your show together. You can purchase an off-the-shelf arrangement, you can design your own show, or you can hire a professional to provide you with a custom arrangement. Of these options, the custom arrangement will be the most expensive for your program. But for most marching bands, the benefits outweigh the costs. Below are some reasons why you should hire a professional arranger. 

The Arrangement Will Emphasize Your Strengths and Downplay Your Weaknesses

While you can look for pre-designed shows that are at your band's level, most off-the-shelf arrangements will match all of your band's strengths and weaknesses. A professional arranger will take into consideration that amazing sophomore trumpet player you have as well as your weak percussion pit to make an arrangement that makes your band look good. 

The Arrangement Will Challenge Your Members 

An enjoyable show will challenge your band members without being too far above their current playing level. By working closely with an arranger, you will be able to develop a show that will keep your band members engaged throughout the entire season and increase their skills for the next season. 

You Will Have More Time To Spend Teaching

If you are focused on arranging, you will have less time to spend working with your students. But if you leave the arranging to a professional, you will be able to spend your time working on the basics with your band members from the beginning of the season. You will be able to correct your students instead of constantly adapting and tweaking the arrangement. 

Your Show Is More Likely To Be Unique but Trendy

Marching band arrangers spend a good amount of time following the current marching band trends around the nation so you don't have to. They understand when field shows should emphasize more musicality or visual effects. They also understand what types of music are performing well in your area. Instead of purchasing an off-the-shelf solution that may have been sitting for the past five years, when you commission a new arrangement you are sure to get the latest trends and styling that will keep your members interested and surprise the judges at your competitions. 

While each marching band will have to make decisions that fit their budgets, hiring a professional arranger to create a show for you will almost always be worth the cost. 

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