Being An EDM DJ: What To Do

If you love electronic dance music, or EDM, you might want to attempt to be the DJ at a show. You may even want to DJ your own shows and become as popular as some of those making hits with pop singers. However, when just starting, DJ pointers like these enhance your skills and career.

Watch DJ Tutorials

Of course, technical skill is as important as your creative qualities. To be a working, sought-after DJ, you're going to need to purchase equipment and know how to use what you've got. A simple way to being your DJ journey is to watch DJ tutorials.

Online DJ tutorials often serve as complete courses which help focus and hone technical skills. For example, you can learn beat-matching and mixing, but more than that, you can learn tricks that working DJs rely on. For instance, a DJ may recommend putting a song's key on the track's title; if you're playing one song in F major and want to slip into another F major tune, it's easier. 

Ask for Feedback

Once you've done some work for friends or acquaintances and their events, it's time to ask people to be honest about your abilities and what they enjoyed. If you start reaching out to local promoters or do small events, you can also follow up to see what the best- and worst-received parts of your show were. You might have a vision of what your shows are like, but being able to listen to constructive criticism and hear what people say can improve what you're doing. Swallowing your pride to examine whether criticism is valid can make you a better DJ.

Start Branding Yourself

Once your technical skills are good and you're getting feedback about your mixing and stage presence, it's time to consider branding. Branding yourself means coming up with reasons promoters and individuals would book you for a show instead of others. Do you play songs in a unique order? Do you have a message or theme for every mixing session? Knowing what only you offer can boost interest in what you're doing. Once you know what your DJ "brand" is, you can market yourself better to those who will most appreciate your music and skills.

Go to Shows

After so much work on yourself, you may find yourself retreating from the music scene or not going to as many shows as you did when you were just a fan. However, realize that keeping abreast of DJs in the field is worth it. You may get new musical ideas or you can make real connections to others doing the work. Being seen is also good for your own DJ brand.

Grow your EDM career with each of these DJ tips. With effort, skill and flair, a satisfactory DJ career is possible.

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