Tips For Making Appealing Music To Sell Online

If you enjoy making music on your spare time and want to start earning some money for your efforts, one option is to record some music and sell it online. There are a number of websites that allow musicians to sell their songs to those who are looking for music for commercials, movies, and even YouTube videos. With lots of competition, you'll want to ensure that your songs stand out for the right reasons, as that will help people to buy them for placement in a variety of ways. Here are some tips that you can use to make your music appealing to online customers.

Choose A Genre

When people browse for music that they want to buy to use with different video productions, they often have an idea of what they want — and that usually means that they're thinking of a particular genre. It's a good idea to ensure that whatever songs you produce can clearly fall within a genre. Blending genres can be a bad idea. If you have a song that is part rock, part country, and part blues, for example, you may have a hard time categorizing it in a music placement service. This can mean that someone who may actually want to buy your song fails to ever find it because he or she is looking in the rock category but your song is in the country category, for example.

Make It Sound Professional

Given that you'll be competing against a wide range of professional-caliber songs, you need to make sure that everything you produce with the intention of selling sounds its best. While you can always record your music at a professional studio, you may not want to go to this expense. If not, you should use professional-grade recording software or apps to capture your music clearly and without the presence of any background noise.

Produce Songs Of Different Lengths

Another good idea to keep in mind is that you should produce songs of different lengths. Short compositions can be just as valuable as those of a conventional length. For example, if someone is looking for music for a 30-second local TV commercial, he or she isn't going to want a song that runs for four minutes. And conversely, if someone wants a song for a dramatic sequence in a movie or a YouTube video, he or she may need it to be several minutes long. Varying your songs' lengths can help you to appeal to more prospective customers who will buy and use your art.

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