Have Extra Fun With Your School Choir

Are you a choir teacher at your local high school? If so, that must mean that you have a passion for music. In fact, it's very likely that you were in choir while you were in school, too. Maybe you always knew that you'd be a choir teacher. Are you looking for new ways to add fun to your choir classes? If so, from arranging for pop-up opera right at school to preparing Christmas-based flash mob presentations, here are some ideas that might help you.

Flash Mob Opera At School - Have songs from different operas been part of your choir study this year? Maybe you chose songs like "The Music Of The Night," "Time To Say Goodbye," "Think Of Me," and "Angel Of Music" because you know that many of your students have seen the play or movie Phantom Of The Opera. Those are truly examples of beautiful contemporary opera, aren't they? Think of watching the movie with your class. Remember that some of the kids won't be familiar with it. And, those who are, will probably still enjoy watching it again. 

Once your students can sing the songs you have selected, ask your school principal if you can surprise the other students in the school by arranging for flash mob opera when it is least expected. For example, as students are in the library, think of how surprised they'll be when their very own fellow students enter the room belting out gorgeous opera music. Or, picture kids eating lunch in the school cafeteria when they are all of a sudden being serenaded with opera.

Part of the trick to make your flash mob opera a success is for the kids to dress as they normally do and for them not to tell a single soul about the impending flash mob presentation.

Christmas Flash Mob - As Christmas approaches, think of having your choir students serenading in the school halls and in different classrooms. Of course, you'll want to tell the teachers that you are planning to visit their classes. For example, what if important testing is going on in one of the classes. In that case, you'll want to postpone your flash mob visit to that class for another day.

Give the community and your choir students a special treat by going to places like shopping malls and the public library to perform Christmas flash mob music. It will be something your community and your students will never forget. 

Look for others who do pop-up opera performances to learn more. 

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