6 Types Of Music To Try If You Like Celtic Music

Celtic music is a huge and widely loved category of music that encompasses everything from all-female singing groups to toe-tapping fiddle music to meditative harp solos and much more. If you enjoy listening to Celtic music, you can broaden your listening range slightly and find more music you love by listening to music radio streaming channels with similar aspects.

Here are some other music styles to listen to on your music radio streaming service if you like Celtic music. Depending on what your favorite type of Celtic music is and what you love about it, you may enjoy one or more of these other music types.

1. Folk-Inspired Video Game and Movie or TV Soundtracks

Some video games have a Celtic-based fantasy world, and you can hear it in their music. The soundtracks may have many similarities to authentic Celtic folk music, despite being recently composed by modern composers.

Some movies and TV soundtracks have similar music as well, with instruments and melodies reminiscent of Celtic music styles. Some movie and TV soundtracks even use actual traditional Celtic tunes as well as newly composed music that has a similar sound.

2. Appalachian Folk Music 

Celtic music is just one type of traditional folk music. Many types of folk music exist in the world, and some (such as Appalachian folk music, which actually has roots in Anglo-Celtic folk music traditions) may have similar sounds to some Celtic songs. You may be able to find a variety of other folk music styles that you enjoy as well, with varying degrees of similarity to Celtic music.

3. Harp Ambiance or Meditation-Type Music

If you love the more calming types of Celtic music, you may also enjoy harp ambience or meditation-type tracks. These tend to be slower paced and not too loud, but they still have the beautiful, calming tone of the harp.

Some of this meditation-type or ambience-type music may be categorized as New Age rather than Celtic, even if it uses a Celtic harp or other Celtic instruments. However, you may still find it enjoyable, and you may want to listen to this type of music radio channel when you're trying to relax at night.

4. Medieval or Renaissance Music

A lot of Celtic music is very old, and some may even date back to the medieval or Renaissance periods. If you enjoy those types of Celtic music, you'll find it worth your while to seek out other medieval and renaissance music. Music from these time periods could use instruments such as flutes, recorders, harps, violin-like instruments, percussion, and even hurdy-gurdies.

You can find some artists who perform authentic music from the medieval or Renaissance time periods, and some who write or arrange pieces in similar styles or with similar instrumentation. 

5. Neo Folk Music

Neo folk music is a category of contemporary music inspired in some way by the folk music of the past. It may combine folk music influences with newer music styles such as industrial or dark ambient music. Quite a few musical groups write and record music of this description, which may include dances, ballads, and other Celtic-like songs.

6. Medieval Folk Music

Medieval folk is not, despite how the term sounds, folk music from the medieval period. Instead, this type of music (also called medieval folk rock) tends to be music with influences from the folk music of the medieval period that's also rock-inspired. If you enjoy older Celtic music from the medieval period and similar time periods, you may enjoy medieval folk as well.

These are just some of the related categories of music you can discover if you start looking for music radio streaming channels similar to the Celtic music you already know you enjoy.  

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