Three Ways To Assess A Travel Guitar

If you're an avid guitarist, you might have a few acoustic and/or electric guitars that you enjoy playing at home or when you get together with friends. Another instrument that you may wish to consider buying is a travel guitar, which you can easily take with you on various trips when a conventional guitar is unsuitable. The defining trait of a travel guitar is its size. These instruments are noticeably smaller than conventional guitars, which makes them easy to fit into a suitcase or a large backpack. Musical instrument stores have a selection of travel guitars that you can browse. While doing so, you should assess these three things.


Even though travel guitars are considerably smaller than conventional guitars, they can vary in size from model to model. It can take an adjustment period to get used to playing a travel guitar, so it's a good idea to handle a few models at the music store to find a product that feels good in your hands. If you have large hands, you might prefer a travel guitar that is slightly on the larger side. Think, too, about how you plan to use the guitar. For example, if you have a standard suitcase that you carry, you may want an instrument that fits properly inside of it.


You shouldn't expect that a travel guitar will sound like a full-sized model. A full-sized guitar has a large body, which will reverberate more each time you strum the strings. Travel guitars tend to have a quieter sound, but the exact sound can vary between instruments. It's useful to play a few of these instruments at the music store so that you can assess the sound of each. For example, some travel guitars will have more pronounced bass tones, which many guitar players will appreciate.


Despite their small size, many travel guitars are designed to sit on your upper leg so that you can hold them comfortably in front of you. As you handle a few instruments, be sure to assess their balance. When you hold a travel guitar as it sits on your upper leg, you want it to feel nicely balanced rather than have the headstock end feel so heavy that it tips toward the ground. A well-balanced guitar will be easier to play, which will ensure that you're excited to reach for this unique instrument while you travel. Learn more about travel guitars by dropping by a local musical instrument store.

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